Internationally recognised Chartered Scientist and Clinical Engineer, Dr David Somerville, who incorporated the features to match current scientific research findings on pulsed magnetic field therapy and phototherapy, designed the concept of the biomag system.

The Biomag can be used to treat a variety of conditions - Pain management, treatments for swellings, oedema and general bruising injuries, Sports Therapy( toning ), Orthopaedics - fractures. 

The basis of all treatments have been designed using research findings from both human and veterinary studies. Pulsating fields induce small electric currents in the target tissue, which may result in increases of cellular potentials, which could have been lowered due to damage. Establishing near normal voltages may re-establish nutrient flows into and out of the cells to repair and regain normal function. When cells are damaged, their membrane potentials alter, causing an imbalance in ions in and out of the cells. The result is that interstitial fluid increases causing swelling and oedema. PEMF has been shown to restore normal cell membrane potentials at an accelerated rate thereby reducing swelling / oedema at a faster rate. It has also been shown to reduce pain, help fracture repair, nerve damage, arthritic conditions, haematomas and soft tissue injuries.

Metal impants do not affect or reduce the effectiveness of pulsed magnetic field therapy. Also any bandaging or plaster cast will not have any effect on a pulsating magnetic field applied through them and as such treatment can be given with these in situ.

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