Whilst every veterinary physiotherapist relies heavily on their touch to diagnose their patient's problems, there are a marvellous range of electrotherapy's which can expedite their patient's progress.

Ellie offers the following range of treatments which add to the comprehensive package that she can offer every client

H wave - Therapy

H- wave is a unique neurological and muscle stimulator that enables deep penetration of muscle at low frequency current. 

It has 2 frequencies, pain relief or tissue healing.  Two modes of action

The H-WAVE can be applied in two ways - using 2Hz or 60Hz impulses - through special pads placed over and near the injury applying ultrasound gel.  This make it safe and use for sub acute - chronic tissue damage, muscle spasm, oedema, pain and nerve damage. 


2Hz Muscle Pump

The 2Hz  'therapeutic' mode creates visible muscular contractions, which increase the flow of oxygenated blood and stimulate lymphatic drainage through an injury site. 

60Hz Analgesia

The 60Hz pain relief mode produces a different therapeutic effect - that of deep analgesia. This is achieved by shutting down the transmission of pain signals and is also believed to stimulate the production of the horses own pain-producing chemicals, endorphins and encephalins.



Laser therapy uses red and infrared light for the relief of pain, to accelerate healing and decrease inflammation. It is a therapeutic management of musculoskeletal injuries, muscle tears, tendon, ligament and skin wounds.


Low level laser treatment optimises natural healing by modulating relevant cell activity with light of controlled wavelengths and energy density. 


Cyclossage massage rug

The Cyclo-ssage Pro-Equine Therapy System is a full body deep tissue massage system.

Widely used both to enhance performance and speed recovery from injury the use of this non-invasive drug free method of resolving muscular discomfort.

The Cyclossage system uses oscillating vibration otherwise known as Cycloidal Vibration Therapy (CVT) to provide deep and gentle stimulation to the entire muscle structure. This should not be confused with the many massage systems that use percussive vibration as a basis which does not have the scientific benefits or advantages of CVT.

The system has 18 strategically positioned motors that have been developed to give an even and symmetrical delivery across the whole body, including the deepest muscle structures and the neck area.

The stimulation provided by CVT reduces/eliminates muscular pain, increases blood flow, stimulates lymphatic activity, increases joint mobility, improves respiratory function and aids mental relaxation. It is also thought to speed up healing times, inhibit the formation of scar tissue and reduce muscle wastage in non active horses.